The Woodworker

All our cousins are exceptionally cool. We’re a family filled with jokesters, the musically inclined and the artistically ambitious (albeit often easily distracted). And on top of all that, they’ve all got wild curly hair that can be tamed into a jewish jerri curl or allowed to run wild like a Sideshow Bob impression.

When we told everyone at the shoot last week that some of the boards were done by our cousin Eitan in Detroit, the art director and stylists were eager to integrate them in because well, they are exceptionally beautiful (and they thought it was pretty sweet our cousin made them). He’s new-ish to the practice of wood working but you’d never know it by seeing his work or if you stepped into his incredible work garage in Detroit (Yes, he works in Detroit running an urban farm, has a woodworking studio in his garage, owns chickens, has cool hair and is very much engaged. Sorry).

The boards are functional pieces of art and vary in design and style. Some are traditional, others are natural shaped and many are inlaid with crushed stone. It’s a testament to their beauty that at a photo shoot with hundreds of props sent from SF and two local prop houses in NYC; a photographer, 2 prop stylists, a food stylist and the art director all agreed a board designed and created by our cousin should be at the focal point of the dinner party section.

Check out his work here: