Letter of Apology to the Community of Montauk

We want to begin by apologizing to all the people of Montauk.  The city welcomed us as a home for the summer and we let all you down.
On Monday night, Ruschmeyers had an end of season cookout for its staff. Contrary to media reports, Max was not present at the party (or even in Montauk). The night of the party the staff left a big mess at the beach.  It was all of our responsibilities to clean up the beach at night before we left and this did not happen.  Several staff including managers, kitchen staff and the director of operations returned in the morning to clean up our mess and the beach was completely cleaned by 9:30am on Tuesday morning.  We regret the decision to not clean the night of the party, and this was a huge error on our part.
Throughout the summer, as chefs we’ve done our best to respect the community of Montauk by supporting local businesses and farms as much as possible.  We have attempted to forge relationships this way as it’s the best way we know how from the kitchen.  Unfortunately it only takes one mistake to undo this work, and that’s what has happened.  We showed disrespect for not only the community that has hosted us for the summer, but also to the ocean itself, to which we also owe a huge debt for providing us with the fish we have been cooking all summer.  We deeply apologize on both counts here and are embarrassed by the way Ruschmeyer’s represented itself.
We are humbled by the passion of the Montauk residents who were so badly hurt, as it has showed us all how much you value your community and its beauty.  Chefs should be leaders both in and out of the kitchen, and in the coming days we will be working in tandem with local community members to express through our actions what we hope we have managed to express here with our words.
Max and Eli

Passover Recipes!!!

Passover is quickly approaching and as you all know the story, you can’t eat bread during passover or else G dash D will smote you. No one wants to kick off a holiday on the back end of a smiting, so here are a bunch of incredible passover recipes tried and tested so that you can enjoy the many days of Passover guilt free while still enjoying yourself.

Matzo with Nutella

1 sheet matzo

2 oz nutella


1. Take knife and schmear 2 oz of nutella on top of matzo trying hard not to break the matzo as your spread the nutella.

Matzo with Butter

1 sheet of matzo

2 oz butter


1. Take knife and schmear 2 oz of butter on top of matzo trying hard not to break the matzo as your spread the butter.

Matzo with Jam

1 sheet of matzo

2 oz jam


1. Take knife and schmear 2 oz of jam on top of matzo trying hard not to break the matzo as your spread the jam.

Matzo with A-1 Sauce (note: this recipe calls for 4oz of a-1 sauce)

1 sheet of Matzo

4 oz A-1 sauce


1. Take knife and schmear 4 oz of A-1 on top of matzo trying hard not to break the matzo as your spread the A-1.

Matzo Grilled cheese

1 sheet of Matzo

2 slices American Cheese

1. Break the piece of Matzo in half to make two pieces. Put the two slices of American cheese in between the 2 pieces of matzo. Place in oven or toaster until cheese is melted. Eat!




Cookbook Dinner at Mile End Deli Brooklyn

We are having a cookbook dinner on Monday Nov. 25th at Mile End Deli Brooklyn!
7pm and 9:30 seatings!


Cod Fritters

Roasted Winter Squash with Chestnuts Celery Vinaigrette

Curried Lentils with Roasted Carrots and Mint

Chard Salad with Artichoke Hearts and Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette

Roasted Rosemary Lamb Shanks

Duck Fat Potatoes

Parmesan Cake with Blackberry Jam

*Beer and wine available for purchase!


97a Hoyt St. Brooklyn NYC 11217